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    All You Need to Know About Backyards and Roof Decks

    If you are lucky enough to have a Roof Deck or a Backyard, you need to remember that these places are not just a part of your house, they are also part of your lifestyle. Whether in the city, or the suburbs, Roof Decks and Backyards add value to your property. Roof Decks are a great way to create a serene space to relax after work or on weekends or to have a get together BBQ.  

    Roof decks are mostly found in cities due to the lack of space but even if you have a patio or outdoor space, you should consider some rooftop decor for that area to lounge in. 

    Types of Roof Deck 

    The first step to put together a beautiful roof deck is to determine the purpose of your space. You can choose from these following options depending on your needs

    1. Lounge Area: Most people in cities use Roof Decks as a lounging area. If your goal is to have a lounge area, you should consider adding a lot of creative seating options, fireplace, throw in some pillows and cushions or some eye catching round table. 
    2. Garden on terrace: This newest trend of rooftop garden is not just good for aesthetics but it also protects your roof deck from wear and tear. Second, they also help insulate your home which saves money on heating and cooling. 
    3. Dining Space: If you are someone who craves outdoor dining, this is your opportunity to shine! You’ll basically just need a good dining table and you can add a bar and BBQ
    4. Pool/Jacuzzi: Many people in the city enjoy a pool or Jacuzzi on their rooftop so they can relax by the pool with a great view. Setting this up might not be easy since you’ll need to hire someone to do this but if you like a Hollywood lifestyle, go for it. 
    5. Hybrid: Some can’t be satisfied with just one use of their roof deck so they’ll create a hybrid like garden and dining or pool and dining or more! 

    Tips to organize your Roof Deck 

    Get creative with the seating space

    rooftop seating

    Have a bar and a BBQ 

    BBQ and Bar on Roof Deck

    Add a fireplace if you live in a cooler area 

    Creative ways to have a fireplace on Roof Deck


    Consider dividing the deck into dining area and lounging area

    Dining and lounge on Roof Deck

    Grow your herb garden 

    herb garden on your roof deck

    Greenery helps with the design and keeps it Zen 

    greenery helps roof tops and the house

    Keep it simple with a bench and cute pillows 

    cute pillows and seating roof top

    Add an outdoor misting systemmisting system for roof tops


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